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The communications market is saturated with mobile devices of different brands, models and characteristics, which seek to position themselves among the tastes of the most demanding buyers. The times in which cell phones were only used to receive and make calls are now behind us.

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Now, there are requirements and needs related to the use of Smartphones that go beyond the basics, so they are now considered smartphones. From interaction in social networks, GPS, cameras, to the almost infinite possibilities offered by the various applications. Concerning the latter, what is there to watch TV from the smartphone? Is it possible?

Indeed, it represents a desirable option, especially when you are in the middle of a long and boring trip, enjoying a dream vacation, but you do not want to disconnect from the rest of the world. Be aware of the news, programs, favorite series and why not? Some movies, like the ones that are displayed if you have a Netflix account.

Surely you are enthusiastic about the idea, but you think that considering the expense involved in data connection, in addition to affiliation to a TV company, is not very profitable to say. But what if I told you that it is possible to watch TV for free from your smartphone?

Since I brought your attention, I want to invite you to continue reading the next post, since I will show you the best ways (because there are several) for you to watch TV from your mobile device. Including, of course, the best free App TV.

The best ways to watch TV for free from a Smartphone

As I mentioned in previous paragraphs, it is possible to see proper TV channels from your terminal in many different ways, and this time I want to show you only those that enjoy trust and reputation among many users. So I assure you a pleasant experience. Well, you can watch TV on a mobile phone using:

Chinese Terminals

Chinese phone manufacturers and developers are always at the forefront regarding incorporating utilities to their devices, is one of them, the possibility of watching TV from the same. Obviously, for those who are outside their borders, this is not so common.

That is why in Chinese terminals is possible to have DTT (Digital Terrestrial Technology). However, and assuring to be sincere, it is a difficult option and if you want, the most complicated of all. Since the Chinese terminals are not so prevalent in our regions, but also, as we all know, nothing guarantees that we can use them effectively, at least in Europe.

In any case, as my mission is to show you the alternatives with which you have, I want to recommend the newest Chinese terminal that comes integrated with TDT. This is the Smartphone Asus Zenfone Go TV, which has been on the market for more than a year.

This device offers total connectivity to free television, and its first configuration is simple. It is, therefore, one of the best in the category of free TV Apps.

Hire online TV services

Another possibility is to watch television thanks to the extension of contracted services.

These may be offered by our telephone operators, or even by the company providing digital television services.

The latter, in addition to the development of new technologies and applications, increasingly offer the possibility of accessing their TV channels from the Smartphone.

All this through an account associated with them, or through some exclusive application for its users. You could find out from your service providers about this possibility, which is very interesting, especially when we look for a specific channel or series. And which we possibly already enjoyed from the tv.

DTT adapter to use in Smartphone

In this case, it is a device that is coupled through the USB port of the Smartphone and allows television viewing without the need to install free TV apps.

As its name implies, this is an adapter that allows replicating the DTT signal to our terminals, is similar to the decoders of domestic digital television companies. This small device, which enjoys little popularity, can be purchased in almost all shops of electronic devices for a price of about 40 euros.

Its main advantages are not requiring a data connection to enjoy the tv, and that the terminal with which you use the adapter does not need to be a mega machine in power, because only asks as requirements for use a RAM memory of 512 MB and a Dual Core processor of 1 GHz, as a minimum.

Free TV applications

As the last option, you can download from the PlayStore some applications that stand out for their popularity and breadth of channel offerings. The ones I’ll mention below are the ones that have been proven to be effective so far.

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Well, you should know that most of the free tv apps work for a while and then stop serving or their quality deteriorates. Therefore, if you have decided to download a free tv app, then consider one of the following:

  • Mobdro

Mobdro is an application that enjoys a certain reputation, for having hundreds of national and international channels to enjoy.

Its interface is as simple as selecting the link of the preferred channel and start watching it live.

However, as disadvantages, it should be mentioned that it is not inside the PlayStore, but is downloaded from its external page, which does not request additional permissions but does contain some advertising.

In addition, more and more people are assuring that only the English language channels are available since they launched their Premium version. But you don’t lose anything by trying it.

  • RapiFutbol

RapiFutbol is not a free tv app, but rather a website, which offers many free channels that can be enjoyed from your Smartphone.

  • YouTvPlayer

YouTVPLayer is the best free tv apps at the moment, the best of all. It’s giving you something to talk about since in addition to offering multiple options on television channels to view, is presented as a social player with additional utilities (Youtube, Vimeo, etc).

So there you have it. Each method and each one of the free TV apps with its very different way of acting. Everything will be left to your choice, weighing the lightness of the execution on the smartphone, the quality of the image offered, and the consumption of additional resources (data, battery).

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