✔️ Top 15 Clash Royale Tips for Getting to the Legendary Arena

Clash Royale is a video game created by the company Supercell, responsible for other hits for mobile devices such as Clash of Clans and Hay Day.

Tips and Decks to Reach Legendary Arena decks OpenORB


Clash Royale has a multiplayer game model, similar to the traditional card game (Yu-Gi-Oh style) but where we can see how the characters play each other, which can level up and improve their features.

Many Clash Royale tips can be of great help to significant players and those who have had some time playing but have not been able to advance quickly.

Therefore, the recommendations shown below are suitable for any user and will undoubtedly allow the development of your account is much faster and more comfortable, can overcome each of the arenas to reach the legendary, the most desired by the players of this title.

The best tips from Clash Royale to move quickly

Due to the different aspects to highlight regarding the game, it is possible to find a variety of tips classified into different categories, so below you will find the information divided to have it more organized.

Recommendations for the deck

  • Keep in mind that when creating a deck of cards, you need to think of all the possible options your enemies may have. That way, you will find the ideal combination to counteract any possible attack.
  • The elixir is an essential element, so it should be considered at the time of elaborate the Belic deck. Try to choose cards that allow you to maintain a balance; you can not only have expensive or cheap cards.
  • It is always advisable to choose a character who has the possibility of attacking the towers directly, either because it is defined by his target (balloon, giant, mountaineer) or by his chance of play (goblin barrel or miner).
  • Remember that tank units, such as the giant or balloon, must be accompanied by others who can defend them. For example, the henchmen are an excellent choice for ground attackers or the magician for their versatility and splash.
  • A good deck contains different types of cards, so don’t forget to add a spell to yours. The fury can make a stronger attack, the fireball can save you in defense of your tower or in the destruction of the enemy at the last moment, among other examples.
  • One of the tricks for Clash Royale is to never give up with a deck of cards until you can understand how it works. A minimum of 10 games is recommended, so you’ll find a way to use each unit for each type of card placed by the enemy, as well as learn how to use them in combo.

Clash Royale game tips

  • Remember which is the cost of the elixir of each card, so that you do not have to analyze it in full game. This clash royale advice will allow you to be much more agile and the speed is urgent in this and most multiplayer video games.
  • Although the sound is usually quite annoying for some people, this allows you to be more attentive, since many times the game can concentrate on a point and forget that there is another tower.
  • As the elixir is the available energy, learning to control it is ideal for getting the advantage over your opponents. The most useful advice we can give you is to use lower-cost cards to defend yourself from the expensive ones that the enemy has placed, that way you will be able to attack with much more force.

Clash Royale Tips To Reach The Legendary Arena

  • Starting the game can sometimes be counterproductive, so it is usually preferable to let the enemy start. However, before making such a decision, you should be aware of units that can be used to defend without sacrificing too much elixir.
  • Remember those tank units like the Giant can be an excellent defense when you don’t have other cards of interest. Enemy troops will take a moment to finish it off, which will give you a chance to recharge elixir and attack quickly.
  • Sometimes defending a tower is a waste of elixir, since you could take advantage of the fact that the enemy has spent all of his to attack from the other side. Therefore, consider if sacrificing the tower can be beneficial.
  • Many times towers can kill enemy units without spending elixir or sacrificing a little of their life to achieve the same goal.

General recommendations

  • If you are on a bad streak, maybe you are doing something wrong. Frequently when we are in this situation, we are usually overwhelmed, so it is preferable to rest for a while and continue playing later. However, check your deck and think if you could have a better one.
  • The clans are ideal for advancing in the game without spending money. Also, it will allow you to socialize with other players, receive donations of regular, special and epic cards on Sundays, open the clan chest, make battles between members and play as a team. Therefore, the best Clash Royale advice is to join a clan.
  • Remember that gems are a precious resource, which can be used to enter events. It is preferable to gather them before any surprise that can offer the game, neither think about spending them in the gems nor in accelerating chests.
  • Do not spend gold in the store, because it is much more expensive to get the cards you need. It is preferable to spend it on improving as many units as possible, as this will allow you to have a wide range of options when assembling your deck.
  • Remember not to spend the gold in units that you do not need. The first thing is to improve the most important, that is to say, those usually use normally in your decks and then improve the others.
  • It is recommended to try to save a lot of gold to buy legendary cards in the store when you are in the corresponding arena. It will be much easier to get them than waiting for them to appear in some chest.
  • There is a section to watch games of other users lama TV Royale, which is ideal for learning from other more experienced players. This is one of Clash Royale’s tricks that will allow you to see the pros or those who play in the same arena as you since most of them will have cards that you surely have too.
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