📶 How to Steal WiFi or Hack Passwords with your Apple or Android Device

There are many tricks. Here you get the best. For any reason, sometimes we need a password for the neighbor’s Wi-Fi. And we just don’t want to get the courage to ask for it. So what we’ll do is we’ll apply these methods to how to hack Wifi.

Let’s get this over with. The most efficient program for hacking Wifi in a couple of steps is the one known as Wifi Hack 2018 All In One. It is a multi-platform software program, as it works for Windows, Mac, Linux, and also for Android and iOS mobile systems.

hack wifi signal app openorb 2018

Did you click on the image? What happened? Well, no downloads were started. The purpose was to put you in reality: it’s not easy to find a program that stops hacking into other people’s wifi. It’s also not easy to take steps to find your password. However, throughout this post, you will learn about all the methods that work today, and that has been tested by professional hackers to get into other people’s Wifi networks. They are designed to teach them how to protect themselves, not to walk around getting free megabytes on their phones. Although who knows…

First of all, you should know the following

The purpose of the following article is not to teach people to commit crimes and steal other people’s Wi-Fi data. The real objective is to show them how hackers perform their maneuvers to enter password locked networks. With this information, readers will be able to take action to prevent their network from being compromised. Therefore, it is not an article to show all the instructions you would need to access your neighbor’s Wifi illegally to watch the entire season of your favorite Netflix series. NNO. It is informative and its purpose is to give you the ability to better secure your network.

Steal Wifi without programs thanks to a long-range antenna

Long-range wifi antennas are a recent invention. In fact, if we look at the history of hacking for criminal purposes, it gives us a glimpse of how recent it has become in the world of wireless networks. The main function of these antennas is, as their name suggests, to be able to obtain the signal of WiFi networks that are 10, 20 or more kilometer away. In fact, each antenna has in its specifications the maximum distance at which it can come out in search of signals.

What a hacker does, once he has all the possible Wi-Fi signals on his antenna, is to select the easiest or most convenient hack possible. In this case, they are almost always the ones without a password, or with the default network keys and names (as they come from the factory).

As we have already heard, hackers with criminal purposes previously asked very different questions from what long-range antennas propose. Before, you had to go by car to find free nets, park, and then turn on your computer to do what you wanted to do. With long-range antennas, none of this is necessary, because all signals will arrive directly at the home of this computer criminal.

It is noteworthy to admit that when a hacker enters a foreign wireless network, all the crimes he commits on the web will be stored in the physical or IP address of the owner of the network, not the hacker. Hence, this is one of the priorities of all pirates: to obtain free wireless networks.

For information purposes, the following is a list of the main models of long-range antennas available on the market that are used by criminals to obtain password-free wireless networks. Although it gets harder and harder every day for them to get networks with such cold specifications, there are always some unwary people who forget to put a password enough security on their router. In the list are the links, the name and model, and also the main characteristics of each long-range antenna.

  • Long Range TP-Link Antenna TL-ANT2424B: is one of the most popular antennas for this type of use. Some people even reconfigure them for radio, television or landline phone signals. This antenna has as main virtue the widened spectrum system, which means that it has a higher noise suppression power than other models. It operates in the traditional bands (2.4 and 2.5 GHz), while providing 24 dBi performance, which is why its model is a contraction of two of its differential characteristics (2.4 GHz and 24 dBi). It is an antenna for outdoor use only and is compatible with most of the network devices available today (from routers, servers, Access points, and more).
  • 24 dBi WiFi Long Range Parabolic Grid Antenna: is a generic model available from many different providers and under many different names. Although the general operation will be the same. It is an antenna indicated for users who have the transmitting antenna (or router) in a viewing range of less than 12.5 kilometers. It is a much cheaper antenna than the previous one, and indirect viewing ranges it usually increases the reception quality compared to the one mentioned before. However, additional low loss cables will be required to circumvent the blurred quality of the signal emitted if there are elements obstructing direct vision between the two points (e.g., buildings, natural elevations, trees, etc.). If there are high voltage lines nearby, they can interfere with the signal because this antenna picks up external noise more easily.
  • Ubiquiti PowerBeam AirMax: the line of products of the Ubiquiti brand with the model name PowerBeam AirMaxis indicated for outdoor work. Mainly the PowerBeam AirMax 5 GHz 400mm. The model has a much larger pick-up power and its operation is efficient and fast, while the signal emission is quite uniform. It is also the latest model offered by the company in wireless internet communication, so it is capable of capturing signals beyond 25 km and offering stable performance at more than 150 Mbps.

Therefore, once the hacker has a long-range antenna in its possession, it will search for Wifi networks that do not have a password to enter. The most feasible solution is to have your router password-protected and make it rare enough to be considered secure. However, if in the end, you don’t get into an open network, try to find networks that are semi-open.

Semi-open nets are nets that, unlike open nets, are not available to everyone. Some neighborhood communities tend to use this type of system. Juicy systems for a hacker, you might say.

Some known networks that operate under this regime are:

  • FON.com, which is one of the world’s leading providers with more than 2 million users worldwide.
  • Wifi.es, which is the best example Made in Spain, as it has almost 20,000 Access Points throughout Spain.
  • WeFi, which actually works as a social network where free access points are shared.
  • Other examples if you are traveling abroad are HotSpotr and also JiWire.

As you can see, it has never been such a bad idea to leave a WiFi network without a password.

Ways to hack WiFi networks from Windows or Android

Once all the above steps are known, we reach the point where a hacker cannot find a wireless network that is open or semi-open. Therefore, the only way to have free internet to do and undo is to decrypt a WiFi network with a password.

how to hack wifi with android

Even if your router is of this or that make, model or even price, it will have its vulnerabilities. In data processing, called holes or bugs. And in fact, you could say that for each hole there is a program developed and available on the Internet. In this way, these are the programs and applications that allow you to audit and obtain the WiFi keys of any router:

  • Wifipass: is the program par excellence for hacking Wifi Android. It is compatible against Movistar routers (which work by default under SSID WLAN_[code]) and Jazztel routers (JAZZTELL_[code]).
  • WiFi Auditor: the main negative point is that it is much more complex than the previous example. However, professionals can find it in the first place when looking for a program to steal Windows Mac Linux wifi, as it is an all-terrain vehicle in its field.
  • The program Easy Wifi, which is difficult to get because it only works for the LiveBox LiveBoxof Orange.
  • WLAN Audit: Zyxel brand and Comtrend brand routers are its main victims. (Android wifi steal program) – Effective with Zyxel and Comtrend routers
  • AirCrack: can decrypt all WiFi keys that have WEP technology. It takes very little time, so it is the best in this field. It can be used on Windows or Linux computers.
  • Reaver: An exclusive Linux program. It uses the deficiencies of WPS to obtain the WPA keys. The only thing against it is that it’s not that fast. It may take hours to find the keys.
  • Wifiway: It is one of the hard bones of wireless network hacking. Unfortunately, it is used by professionals, as it is a completely manual tool in its operation.
  • Beini: works, just like WifiWayen LiveCD. Beini massively injects packets into the routers until the WIFI keys are detected.

Some of these applications may use files that enter the router in question wirelessly to unlock your password. These files will never compromise the router or the computers or devices connected to your computer. Therefore, the best way to test the security of a router with these programs is to start with your own. Maybe it’s not as safe as we thought.

WPA2 Wifi password: Programs to decrypt them easily and connect to any network.

There are many programs in this category. However, perhaps the best currently is BackTrack. It is now in version 5.1. What can this program do? Simple, decrypt all types of keys in less than 10 minutes.

The main quality of BackTrack is that it works in every possible way. Because although it was originally developed under Ubuntu-Linux, it can be installed on a computer, on an intelligent device, boot from a bootable CD, on a USB, which makes it the best of all the ones that have enlisted here.

And, precisely, BackTrack 5.1has several features of other programs already included. Some of them are AirCrack-NG, WireShark, or NMap.

In addition to the above, they include programs, tools, and applications grouped into eight different types:

  • Obtaining information from third parties
  • Port Mapping
  • Network audit for vulnerability detection
  • Review of Web Apps
  • Review and analysis of WiFi and Bluetooth networks
  • Injection of Exploits
  • Access point maintenance
  • Reverse engineering application

As you can see from the picture below, it can not only be installed on a computer, but also on a mobile phone. However, this is just for the semi-goddesses of hacking.

Final tips to strengthen the security of your WiFi network and prevent intruders

Given the effectiveness of previous programs and systems, it is possible that your WiFi network has been the victim of a hacker. Therefore, it is the ideal time to strengthen the security of your own wireless network. In this way, not only will you disconnect it from those who are already connected, but you will prevent some from connecting in the future. Pay attention to the following tips:

  • All routers come with a default password. It depends on each make and model, but they are always repeated. You should never leave your default password on your router, as it only makes the hacker’s job easier. In web pages like routerpasswords.comit is possible to get all the default passwords of the routers according to the model they are. in practice, having a default password is the same as not having a default password.

hack wifi password mobile

  • As in the example above, each router has a default name (SSID). This name is usually the make and model, which makes it easier for a hacker to know the security disadvantages of a particular model. The first thing to do when you have a router is to give it a name that doesn’t make it clear what the make or model is.
  • It uses modern encryption technologies. The most advanced in this regard is WPA2. Usually, it will take more than 30 minutes to deduct a password, which will prevent a hacker from deciding to enter yours but will look for a simpler one.
  • Change the default administration password. In other words, the “user” and “passer” or “admin”, as they usually come.
  • Limits IP addresses or MAC addresses with wireless network access. What do I get for it? Equipment outside that range or list cannot connect to the network, even if it has all the data.
  • Update the Firmware of your router. That is, the operating system that is in charge of security. You must do this through the router’s admin panel.

A final tip which can be useful is using the Wifi networks you connect to the router via the LAN cable. The connection may even be faster.

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