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Believe it or not, you are more exposed than you think. Anyone can, at this very moment, spy on all the information you have in WhatsApp. However, this should not cause you any concern. That’s why you’ll learn here a complete guide to how to spy through WhatsApp, the most common tools and how to protect yourself from attempts, with WhatsApp as your primary target.

The phrase like spying on WhatsApp is one of the most searched for on the internet. And it requires no further explanation. Anyone, for any reason – essential or not – might be interested in reading someone else’s messages or looking at someone else’s files on WhatsApp.

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What you should understand from the start is that it’s not that simple to hack WhatsApp. In fact, some pages take advantage of this misconception of many people and offer false, incomplete information and even contribute to download applications or programs that are useless. In the worst case scenario, it could be a virus that could damage your computer (mobile phone, tablet, computer or laptop). Read on to learn more about espionage methods in WhatsApp.

In theory, spying on conversations in WhatsApp doesn’t have to be difficult. However, if you don’t have the experience to do it quickly, you should read and pay close attention to the results so that they are correct. The following suggested methods have been tested and work on the two most widely used operating systems (iOS and Android). As they are all effective WhatsApp spying methods, it is also good to know them so you can armor your WhatsApp account to avoid being spied on.

It’s no wonder you know that computer espionage is illegal.

Thanks to these techniques that we will show you below, you will be able to know when a contact is connected to WhatsApp, see their chats, conversations, and files stored in the application. But, also, this guide will work for you to prevent your WhatsApp from being compromised in espionage or hacking situation.

There are different ways to perform WhatsApp espionage. You can do this for iPhone phones and all phones with Android operating systems. Although there are other methods, we will start with the technique used to hack into WhatsApp through another phone, which is the MAC supplanting.

Tip: We recommend that you read each paragraph of this guide carefully before proceeding to use any program or method proposed here. We also remind you that all methods are verified and have no price, so you will not need to pay anything to use them.

We start by talking about the supplanting of MAC.

MAC impersonation as a WhatsApp spying method

Although the terms used and the step-by-step approach may seem complicated, the practice of spying through MAC impersonation is the simplest in the world. To do this, you must know that this technique works correctly on iOS and Android operating systems. Not so on Windows Phone.

But, before you can start with the guide, you need to know what the impersonation of MAC is.

What is the performance of the MAC impersonation?

WhatsApp hacking through MAC impersonation is also known as Mac Spoofing in hacker slang. MAC spoofing uses the Media Access Control (MAC) code to control all the information contained in the WhatsApp application. The MAC is an alphanumeric security code that is unique in every smartphone. As it is a physical address of the music, it is comparable to what an IP address means on a computer, even if its operation is not strictly the same.

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How is MAC impersonation used?

Now I know. Let’s take a look at a complete guide to how MAC spoofing is used to spy on WhatsApp. It’s essential that you know this information so you can take care of your account.

The information the hacker will need is:

  • A mobile phone with WhatsApp installed.
  • The phone number of the person you want to spy on.

The first step is to get the MAC address or code of the person you want to spy on. The code, as anticipated, has letters and numbers and the format is too similar to this:

05 : 1B : 2B : 2C : HH : C7 : RR

  • To perform this operation on an iPhone: You must go to Settings > General > Information > Address Wi-Fi.
  • To perform this operation on an Android: You should go to Settings > About the phone > Status > Wi-Fi MAC Address.

If the phone being spied on is connected to the same WiFi network as yours, you can find its MAC address using a computer:

  • To do this in Windows: Right-click on the Internet connection icon at the bottom right of the screen. Select the option Open network and sharing center. Then select the option Change adapter configuration. Then, right-click on the network card corresponding to the WiFi network where the phone is connected to spy. Select Status. Then Details. The MAC address will be at your mercy.
  • To do this on OS X or Mac (we differentiate between MAC in May for the physical address and Mac in minutes for the name of the Apple operating system): You must go to System Preferences > Network > Advanced > Hardware. In this case, the MAC address is the first information you will see when the window is displayed.

Once you know the MAC address, you should follow these steps:

  • You must uninstall the WhatsApp application on your mobile.
  • Change your MAC address to the MAC address of the person you want to spy on. WifiSpoofin iOS and Busy Boxin Android make this easy to do.
  • Install WhatsApp on your mobile again. You should enter the phone number of the person you want to spy on.
  • WhatsApp will send the activation code via SMS (text message). Therefore, to spy on your conversations, you must have the phone number of your phone close by so that you can write down the code and delete the message to clear up any signs or suspicions.
  • Change the MAC address back to the original MAC address

If all of the above was done correctly, WhatsApp would show you all the files and messages of the person you are spying on.

But now, you must know how to defend yourself from WhatsApp espionage by supplanting MAC. Let’s see.

As you may well assume, spying on WhatsApp messages is not legal. However, there may be someone interested in doing so, so you should be taken care of. The only two recommendations you should make is never to give your phone number to others and not to connect to open WiFi networks.

The Web version is also an option to Spy WhatsApp

This method is straightforward to use. However, it is also less profound in its action. In fact, you can only use it with people around you who you know are not using your phone at the time.

As you should know, WhatsApp has a web version called WhatsApp Web, which you can access from web.whatsapp.com and whose purpose is to display WhatsApp from your computer. Despite this, it has its peculiarities. The most important thing, in this case, is that the most critical account owner must be close to the computer for it to work. You also need to be connected to the Internet.

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Because of this situation, you will need to have access to your mobile phone and be able to open WhatsApp to authorize the web application.

Got it? Here’s what you should do:

  • Open the WhatsApp application on the mobile and click on the menu WhatsApp Web.
  • In WhatsApp Web look for the option with the plus sign (+). You will be asked to scan a QR<.
  • Open WhatsApp Webon your computer. At the moment, only Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are supported.
  • With your mobile phone, it scans the QR code that appears on your computer.

Done! You can now view your WhatsApp on your computer. And although you will need to be close to the victim’s victim, you may authorize WhatsApp to keep the session started, although this is not recommended.

Have physical access to the person’s phone number

This is the most challenging method to perform, so the statement may have left no room for doubt. To achieve this method of espionage it is necessary to have the phone number of the victim as close as possible, and in the case of Android, that has activated the preview of SMS “although it is not restrictive. What you will do is install WhatsApp on another device or tablet with the same number, delete its user, request the verification code and you will have all the previous conversations and files on your computer.

Clone or change SIM card

The first comment we have to make is that this is a very complicated method that requires a lot of experience, a lot of patience, but also that the SIM card allows it, because not all of them work the same way. That said, anyone who has the PIN and PUK of your SIM card will have access to all the information and can use those codes to log in to WhatsApp with that information.

Another way is to clone the SIM card from the victim and insert it into another device.

As you can see, these are all complex methods and may require a complete guide to learn how to do it. What you should know is that you should never leave your SIM cards behind that are prone to theft. Take care of your information.

Why is it worth hacking, spying or monitoring someone else’s WhatsApp?

This question has a lot of subjectivity within it, as everyone has an entirely different or even opposite opinion about it and it is possible that each of these answers is correct. However, the first answer we must give to this question is: It depends.

Times have changed, we have evolved very quickly. The childhood of those of us who were already over 25 years old was very different from the childhood and adolescence of today’s children. We didn’t have access to the technology. They can’t live without her. That’s why they use platforms like WhatsApp to communicate with everyone, to share files, chats, and who knows what else.

This evolution has been so rapid that, in some cases, it requires vigilance to ensure that nothing gets out of hand. The total response then indicates: Depends. But only under specific criteria.

Pros and cons of using surveillance software.

As it is a computer program, there are no disadvantages to its use. If it is only used for monitoring your children on social networks and WhatsApps through the internet, there is no problem with its use. These types of programs are not just for surveillance purposes, as indicated, but are meant to guarantee the security and protection of the data of the persons involved.

The adolescent stage is one of the biggest problems. Even more so if you are the parent of that teenager. It is very easy for the teen to get older, stop talking to the family, and so on. When any of these situations arise, one thing to do is to start exercising control over your social profiles, including WhatsApp chats.

One of the main problems at this stage is called trust. One of the most recurrent measures parents take is to exercise authority and ask their children to show the information they have on their cell phones. However, this is not advisable because the teenager may want to withhold information. Result? This is not the right way to approach the situation.

But, if you use a tracking program, you don’t need to do anything about it. The program will track the location of the mobile and, of course, remotely access all WhatsApp files and chats. Result? You will be able to monitor what the child is doing, without wasting trust and your relationship.

In case you decide to spy on another person’s WhatsApp

You must consider that…

Legally, you must inform that third party that you are spying on their WhatsApp. The law provides for this, and it applies to persons such as employees, your partner, or any other individual other than your children.

Final tips

Before deciding on a program, always prefer those who can’t only spy on WhatsApp conversations, but can also make use of GPS tracking from their mobile phone or tablet. That way, the control will be much more significant and more precise.

Because of the above, you should know that these are the methods that are in operation today. If you know another one or if you have any questions about them, don’t hesitate to share 5 times on social networks, or tell us about it.

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